Because I've made the journey from the bench to photoshop, and I want to help you tell your story so you can get back to innovating.

Taking my background and training as a scientist and combining it with my art skills, I help create a brand and strategy that allows you focus on conducting research, writing grant proposals, and developing new course material instead of getting frustrated over creating that flyer or presentation.

In my journey from chemistry major and art minor to forensic science graduate student to designer and entrepreneur, I learned that the “science types” are creative and that researchers are entrepreneurs in disguise.

Why listen to me?

Let’s dispense with two myths I know you’re thinking:

Throughout graduate school, I witnessed innovation, ingenuity, and, let’s be honest, a whole lot of “MacGyver-ing,” which made me realize: Creativity does not always equal artistic, but it’s a way of dealing with challenges before you.

You are taking common tools and using them for research (disassembled centrifuges for a spin-microchip, anyone?).

You are progressing your field on a limited budget (and usually that budget doesn’t have room for graphic design).

While I can’t wave my magic wand to add moolah to your spending account, I can give your infographics a makeover, help polish your conference talk into an easy-to-digest presentation, and design websites that attract graduates to your lab.

At the end of the day, we are all impacted and impressed by visuals.

Love Apple products? Think about the up-charge you are willing to pay not only for their software but the way the keyboard feels, how the phone sits in your hand, and the experience of opening a new device for the first time; all of that is designed, and carefully so.

Which leads me to the next myth…

you aren't creative.

myth no. 1

What if your brand was so iconic that it was instantly recognizable in the conference lineup?

What if your website was so easy to use that you didn’t have to play email or telephone tag to book that speaking engagement?

What if instead of staying up late and throwing together that flyer to promote your new course, you had the help or the tools to quickly do it?

I’m sure you have an hourly rate in mind for consulting, so think about what that is now.

Would you pay someone that much to design a flyer or create content for social media?

Don’t let your image be the limiting factor in your in your journey toward innovation.

You don’t have the time or money.

myth no. 2

it's time to create a brand that works for you so you can keep on innovating, so you have more time living the life you imagine.


As a natural redhead (auburn, to be specific), I’ve been fascinated by genetics since before I even knew what they were. As a child of one blonde-haired, blue-eyed parent and one dark brown- haired, dark-eyed parent, my hair color has been a topic of interest.

The only clues I have are in my paternal family tree: my great-grandmother was Irish with two siblings with red hair and my father has a red beard. You would think my mother’s Italian-German heritage would be dominant, yet here I am.

I’ve been drawn to science to understand how things work and love talking through the nuances of your interests to better understand how to showcase your brand, research, and ultimately help you shine so you can have the time and headspace to keep innovating.

lifelong learning


When I became a mom and a mom who works, I quickly discovered that I had to focus and prioritize my time because it was no longer possible for me to simply grind away until late into the night.

I’m passionate about building and sustaining a work-life culture that helps you thrive at home and at work. At some point we are or will be care-givers, whether that’s being a parent or looking after your parents...I want to feel confident I can turn off work when I am spending time with my family, and I want the same for you too.

Many women my age never thought about wanting to be a “stay-at-home” mom; we have career aspirations and enjoy making a difference. Once becoming mothers, we realized what we’re missing every day with our babies, and the struggle of self-care, childcare, and work all crashing down. I want to change things to make it easier for moms, dads, and families.

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