It’s 11pm.

You’re in your office and you’re still fighting with the PowerPoint that was due at 5pm. You’re about ready to just send it off to the conference coordinator as is and hope they’ll let you replace it with the better one you’ll create tomorrow night after you’ve had some rest.

You spent 45 minutes searching for that graph you used during a lecture last semester. Where was it? What was the filename?

And then you check your email again and your grad student still hasn’t sent the final data for slide 12. 

but really, how can I help you?

but it doesn't have to be like this.

I've made the journey from the bench to photoshop, and I want to help you tell your story so you can get back to innovating.

Taking my background and training as a scientist and combining it with my art skills, I help create a brand and strategy that allows you focus on conducting research, writing grant proposals, and developing new course material instead of getting frustrated over creating that flyer or presentation.

1:1 Custom Design

Start fresh.
If you are at zero and need a complete brand (logo, colors, website, brand guidelines) a total branding package is the place to start.

Build on what you started.
Refresh your website, create flyers for your course, update your conference presentation, or build a landing page that helps you book the kind of talks you actually want to speak at.

Many of my custom design options are packaged so you know exactly how much it's going to cost and how quickly you'll be able to show off your new brand.

This is what I need!

On-call support

Small team or no team? No problem.

Whether it's making routine website updates, creating content for social media, or designing flyers for an upcoming conference, I'm here to help support your small and mighty team (especially if that team is just you).

My clients love this option because they just need someone in their pocket to call when the need arises.

Let's talk details!

Before beginning, we discuss your vision, objectives, and most importantly, completion timeline. If the scope of work falls outside of package design pricing, you will receive a custom quote and production timeline before moving forward. Once a contract is agreed upon, we get started!

My job as a designer is to help deliver your message in the cleanest, most effective manner AND to accurately represent your business or brand identity. In this stage, we dedicate time to developing the best possible look and strategy to accomplish your goals and attract your desired audience. This is also a time for you to provide feedback on the initial look and feel of the project to ensure we are capturing your vision.

In this stage, we get to work creating your materials. You will receive two to three options in the initial proof to review. Your feedback is very important at this stage since the next round of proofs will include further development of one of the initial options. A second or third round of proofing will occur to achieve the best possible design.

After the final design is selected, your files are formatted for the appropriate output. This timeline depends on coordination with production vendors (if necessary).

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance; I will check in with you to ensure the visuals are serving their purpose well.

The Process

Ready to make an impression?

I'm ready!